1.  You’ll clarify your values and their relationship to the choices you make.

When you fully articulate your values and begin to live your life around those values, then the choices you have to make in life become much more obvious.  Adopting healthy lifestyle habits take on new meaning when the habits you add/change reflect your core values.

2.  You’ll set better goals, not only for your health, but also for your life.

Stop reaching for “pipe dreams” or making your “shoulds” your goals.  Value-based goals, supported by positive intention statements, are more motivating and provide the energy to help you achieve them. WaveMakersessions assist your efforts by removing any conflicting barriers that keep you from actualizing your goal.

3.  You’ll accomplish what you set out to do in faster, more efficient ways.

Value-based goals “pull” you along because they are an expression of who you are.  They may be challenging, but do not involve the struggle and effort associated with goals that are not congruent with your core values. 

4.  You’ll treat yourself better than you ever have before.

Learning to take extremely good care of yourself has the upshot of giving you more energy to “be” the person you envision yourself to be.

5.  You’ll become more attractive to yourself and others – outside AND inside.

Your physical shape may or may not change with your new healthier habits, but the way in which you hold yourself and move in your body WILL change to reflect a glow of health, self-confidence and inner wisdom and THAT is very attractive.

6.  You’ll accelerate your personal growth as you take full responsibility for your life and happiness.

Cleaning up relationships, simplifying your environment, establishing good boundaries, setting high standards, taking care of your needs, articulating your values, eliminating self-limiting beliefs, pursuing your life’s purpose;  these are areas you will work with through the coaching process that contribute to a high quality of life.

7.  You’ll “put up” with fewer “things” and experience fewer problems.

No longer will you allow your energy to be drained off by things that “bug” you, rather you’ll take the mental or physical action necessary to create a “problem-free” zone around yourself.

8.  You’ll create more “flow” in your life and live more effortlessly.

When you begin living by intention and according to your values, life “pulls,” rather than pushes, you along.

9.  You’ll create stronger relationships and experience deeper connections with people as you improve your ability to relate to others.

Relationships are an exchange of energy and life is way too short to be around people that drain you.  Good relationships provide positive two-way energy flow.

10.  You’ll create a higher quality life that is sustainable and not just a passing phase.

As you set clear intentions, debug barriers, craft the elements of your perfect life and begin to make them happen, you’ll really get in touch with what matters to you the most.  Once you reorient around this type of lifestyle, why would you ever return to something less than perfect?

Celeste Hamman, Health and Happiness Coach
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