How would you define your personal presence?

If your description is something other than feeling dramatically alive, totally authentic and fully living each moment, then WaveMaker coaching is a path for you to consider.

The process is simple:

  • We work together to create an intention of how you want your life to be.

  • If appropriate, the WaveMaker is used to “debug” any past conditioning, habits, feelings or needs that might be in the way of your successfully integrating your intention in your life.

  • You are coached around the use of tools such as “unplugging the power,” “feeling into the core,” and “being in the gap” to facilitate your living into this new state of being.

The result is you learn to live an intentionally focused lifestyle

            Guided by your knowing intuition,

                        Grounded in the sense of your essential nature, and

                                    Gifted with a pervasive awareness of internal peace and ease.

WaveMaker Coaching Packages:

(All WaveMaker sessions are in person at my office located in Austin, Texas.)

Initial and Single Sessions ($150 for first session, $125 thereafter):  Focus on a specific situation or area of your life.  During our session you create an intention, the vision of what you want this area of your life to be like.  Barriers such as past conditioning, habits, feelings or needs that might get in your way are discussed and debugged, if appropriate, until you fully resonate with your desired intention.  Our initial session takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours.  Subsequent sessions take about an hour.  (Half hour sessions are available to regular WaveMaker clients for $60.)

Multiple Session Package ($110 each for four or more purchased sessions after having an Initial Session):  A significant impact on an issue can occur with one session, but sometimes there are multiple layers within issues that don’t present themselves until the prior layer has been removed.  Additional WaveMaker sessions are needed to break through old habits and needs until that area of your life becomes fully aligned with the intention you’ve set.

Personal Presence Power Package (12 sessions, $1200, payable in three installments):   Working from the framework that there are 12 primary conditioning patterns, or dynamics, that are behind most problems, this program is geared toward debugging all 12 core dynamics and the habits, feelings and needs you have developed around these dynamics.  Through the WaveMaker coaching process, you learn to live into this new and totally “clean” state of being.   At the end of the program you have a keen and powerful sense of your authentic personal presence.

The WaveMaker

The WaveMaker is a device that works on the principles of wave interference and resonance.  It is able to read the patterns of energy that are undermining the intentions you have for your life and cancel out, or “debug,” those negative energies.  It is also possible to use the WaveMaker to upgrade the energy of the capacities you need to actualize your life vision.  For a more in depth discussion of the engineering behind the WaveMaker, please visit

Contact me for more information about WaveMaker Coaching.  

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