Wailand and Authella set shining examples

Thank you, Celeste, for showing me the way to a better life. I used many of the techniques and lessons I learned from you and I continue to use them. Thank you for the wonderful influence you continue to make in my life.       Becky 

Just last week I came across a statement you'd written me. Wow! It has come true. I placed it in the center of my day planner so I can be reminded of our coaching time together and how far I have come in the past few years.      Anna

How can we ever thank you for the contribution you make to our quality of life? We try!      Authella & Wailand

The WaveMaker® session helped me focus on the issues I wanted to work on in a very clear and transparent way.  Creating the intention statement was not just a mental exercise, but I actually FELT it as well.  After my session I was able to more fully identify and change ("unplug") from habits that were not serving me any longer.    Elizabeth

I am amazed at the firm level of deep personal growth I am experiencing after only 2 WaveMaker® sessions with you.  I think that your superb coaching style and adept use of the Wavemaker® are on the cutting edge of personal transformation.   Dennis

I believe that the WaveMaker® session facilitated progress in my writing. I am especially grateful to you for my progress. I believe that the WaveMaker® is a tool and that the coach conducting the session is as vital to the success as the physics of the machine.  I gladly give you my highest and best recommendation.   Vivien

Thank you, Celeste, for walking with me through the past couple of years. I got out "our" notebook today to look up some things, so, the difference you have made in my life lives on. I can't thank you enough for your support, hope and never judging. It was so freeing and I always knew I had a safe place to go. You are definitely in the right profession.    Pansy

Celeste Hamman, Health and Happiness Coach
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