Nepal High, January 2001

Are you dissatisfied with the level of joy, happiness, and pleasure in your life?

Is it hard for you to maintain healthy lifestyle habits such as:

  • Regular exercise?
  • Consistent body weight?
  • Cutting out smoking?
  • Adequate rest and centering time?
  • Attention to your emotional, mental or spiritual health?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then I can help you if you are willing to do these things that create a successful coaching experience:

  • Listen deeply to your core self 
  • Tell the truth about what you hear
  • Experiment with new ideas and behaviors
  • Follow through on your "homework" assignments 

Choose the coaching package that best meets your needs:

  • WaveMaker face-to-face coaching, various fees, see web page

  • Month-to-month telephone coaching, $350/month (three weekly 45 minute phone sessions plus email support)

  • Single Session Telephone Coaching, $125/session

  • Coaching style e-workbook for women, $19.95, Healthy Living by YOUR Design  

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Celeste Hamman, Health and Happiness Coach
1 (512) 708-0654   Austin, Texas
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