Q:  What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership designed to help you achieve success – however you define success in your life.  Each partnership is different, depending on the client’s goals.  Coaching includes clarifying your personal vision and purpose, addressing behaviors that create barriers to success, problem solving, and handling challenges as they occur.

Q:  Why does coaching work?

A coach believes you have the answers and is trained to bring them to the surface of your awareness.  This confidential relationship provides a space for you to explore new ideas about yourself with an objective, trained resource.  During a coaching session, your coach will:

  • Listen.  You are the focus.  Your coach listens to what you say, what you are trying to say, and what you are not saying.

  • Share.  Your coach will share ideas, thought, and views on your situation, speaking the truth from her perspective.

  • Suggest.  Your coach wants a lot for you – and believes in your greatness.  So your coach will make requests and suggestions to guide and challenge you.

Q:  How is coaching different from therapy?  

Therapists work with diagnosable conditions and disorders such as anxiety, depression, and dysfunctional  family/childhood dynamics.  When such conditions block a client from moving forward then coaching is not useful or appropriate.  Coaches work with clients in articulating values, setting a life course, or specific goals around these values and developing strategies for creating and achieving this vision for their life.

Q:  Please compare and contrast WaveMaker coaching from your Life Coaching.

Both types of coaching focus on helping you articulate, and then live by, your most important values.  In this process of living more intentionally, you will discover limiting beliefs and conditioning that make it difficult to create the life that you are envisioning.  Using the WaveMaker tool is the fastest and most complete way to eliminate the underlying energy that drives these self-limiting barriers.  However, there are also techniques and strategies we can use in the Life Coaching process that will help you move past these barriers;  it usually just takes longer.  You must be present to use the WaveMaker, while Life Coaching can happen over the telephone.

Q:  How does the WaveMaker work?

The WaveMaker uses a new technique called Human Software Engineering (HSE).  HSE precisely pin-points the patterns of energy of the self-limiting beliefs that are holding a “charge” and are locked in our bodies.  Once these limiting beliefs are identified through the WaveMaker coaching protocol, the WaveMaker sends a mirror image of the limiting belief waveform to the body canceling it out through a process known as destructive interference.  To read more about the science behind the WaveMaker, please visit http://www.innerhumandesign.com.

Q:  Is telephone coaching effective?

You may be surprised at how engaging, personal, and responsive phone coaching can be.  Clients often feel easier about opening up more quickly when they can concentrate on what they are feeling and experiencing while not having to think about what they “look” like.  Coaching by phone is convenient and allows for coach/client relationships to exist regardless of location.

Q:  How long does the coaching process take?

Many people enjoy the accelerated process of coaching and continue to work with a coach over several years, while others are more interested in achieving a certain goal and utilize their coach throughout the process as needed. 

The average minimum for phone coaching is around six months.  WaveMaker clients who wish to continue evolving their personal presence, return at regular and ongoing intervals to maintain a sense of “cleanness” about their state of being.

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