Thank you for visiting my website. I love what I'm doing and how I am 'being' in my life right now. What I wish for all my clients is they, too, find that same sense of joy and delight in their lives.

Things to know about me:

Loves that I have:

  • My husband (of twenty-nine years) and my family are very important to me 
  • Friends: to exercise with, to read with, to talk with. 
  • Cats: I have a cuddly dark cat named Cocoa and a feisty white cat named Skeeter. 
  • Chocolate (what more needs to be said?) 

Top 5 core values:

  • To BE LOVE

  • Healthy and active lifestyle

  • Connect deeply with others

  • Make a difference in people’s lives

  • Insightfulness

Training and Credentials:

Resume Builders:


  • Active lifestyle includes biking, swimming, strength training, golf, racewalking, yoga, hiking and playing.

  • Personal growth activities:  journaling, life long learning, spirituality exploration.

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