These are the 25 elements of my perfect life.  The elements will be different for everyone. Perhaps you'll be inspired to craft your own list of 25 elements that describe your perfect life. 

  1. Loving, supportive and positive husband
  2. Loving, supportive and positive family
  3. Loving, supportive and positive friends
  4. Active lifestyle and a healthy body to pursue it; some activities must include some level of competition
  5. Purposeful, fulfilling work that does not drive me
  6. Scheduled and spontaneous travel, some to include exotic or adventuresome places or activities
  7. Continuous learning and the curiosity for it
  8. 1 or 2 very affectionate cats
  9. Comfortable home and car that have few maintenance issues
  10. Financial security to afford retirement at age 55 and maintain same or higher standard of living
  11. A sustained debt-free existence
  12. Ongoing and proficient assistant with home and office chores supporting an effortless life
  13. Regular massage by a master therapist at least 2x/month
  14. Live and work in such a way or place to be free of traffic hassles
  15. Quality foods and food allergy alternative foods easily attainable
  16. Fresh flowers around my home consistently
  17. Good books to read and people with whom to discuss them
  18. An environment that is free of clutter and paper piles 
  19. Daily centering and alone time
  20. Attend visual and performing arts regularly at least 1x/month or more
  21. Sharpened sense of playfulness and humor; laugh a lot each day
  22. Connect with outside environment on a daily basis; lots of windows where I live and work
  23. Motivated clients positively approaching self improvement path
  24. Continuous evolution along a spiritual path
  25. Regular access to inspiring coaches and life teachers

To get started on the path of creating your perfect life, contact me.

Celeste Hamman, Health and Happiness Coach
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